5 Things To Do If You Find That Your Car Has Been Damaged In A Parking Lot

Posted on: 29 February 2016

The last thing that you probably expect to find when walking out of a grocery store or other business is a scratch or dent on your car, but parking lot incidents can be surprisingly common. If you find your car has been damaged in a parking lot, it's important to take the right steps. These are the five things that you should do in this situation.

1. Take Pictures First of all, you should take pictures of your car's damage for evidence. If you see your car getting hit, it's also a good idea to take a picture of the car that the person was driving and their license plate. Taking pictures can help ensure that the right person is held responsible and can serve as evidence for your insurance company or in court, if necessary.

2. Talk to Witnesses If you see someone standing in the parking lot, ask him or her if he or she saw the incident happen. There is a chance that you have witnesses who will be able to provide a statement of what happened and who may be able to identify the person who is responsible.

3. Notify Customer Service Make sure that you let someone in the store know about what happened. Many parking lots are littered with security cameras, so if you don't know who hit your car, you could be able to find out through these cameras. Plus, the footage could be presented to law enforcement and used as proof so that your vehicle's damage will be paid for by the other party.

4. File a Police Report There is a good chance that your insurance company will ask for a police report of the incident. Plus, if you file a police report, your local law enforcement agency may be able to find the person who is responsible. Make sure that you present any evidence that you might have when you talk to the police officer.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company (if it is worth it) If you have full coverage on your vehicle, the repair may be paid for by your insurance company. You should not wait to file a claim, however. Instead, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the incident and should provide any information that you have about what happened. Also, many professionals, like Fenza's Auto Body Inc., are willing to work with insurers, so make sure you talk with an auto repair shop as soon as possible. Keep in mind that you may want to talk with an auto shop first to see if the damage is worth an insurance claim; keep in mind that your insurance rates may go up. So if the damage is minimal, you may want to consider paying out of pocket.

Finding out that your car has been hit while in a parking lot can be a major pain. If you follow these five steps, however, you can help ensure that everything is handled properly.