Windy Woes: Tips To Avoid Wind Noise After Windshield Replacement

Posted on: 21 January 2016

When you replace your car's windshield, the last thing you expect to deal with afterward is wind noise. If you do hear wind noise after a windshield replacement, though, it's important that you have it addressed right away. Here are a few common reasons why this might happen to help you narrow down the source of the issue.

Driving Too Soon - If you don't wait for the urethane to completely dry before you drive your car, the air pressure against the windshield can cause the wet urethane to shift, creating air pockets that will permit wind noise. To avoid this, make sure that you check the cure time, or safe driving time, for the urethane. Don't drive your car before this time has passed.

Not Wearing Gloves - When you install a new windshield, you'll want to wear gloves to make sure that you don't get any oil on the windshield glass. The oil from your fingers can inhibit the urethane bonding process, which may create air pockets in the windshield.

Improper Urethane Selection - Make sure that the urethane you choose is the right one for the weather conditions where you live. Some urethane products aren't equipped for temperatures below freezing, so make sure you're attentive to that when you choose.

Not Cleaning the Windshield Channel and Glass - Before you install a new windshield, you need to clean out the windshield channel completely. While you might be able to apply new urethane to the old product, it's not advisable, because it can hinder the ability of the urethane to adhere. This may lead to air leaks and weakened windshield integrity. In addition, if you don't clean the edge of the windshield completely before you put it in place, any dirt, debris or other particles on the glass may prevent the urethane from bonding the way that it is supposed to. Make sure every surface involved is cleaned thoroughly before you apply the new urethane. You may even want to use a putty knife to scrape the old urethane away.

If you're hearing wind noises or you'd rather not tackle the replacement yourself, talk with a local auto glass installation specialist like Glass Pro Inc. to help you out. That way, your windshield will be installed in a more controlled environment, which helps to ensure success. Your windshield is a vital part of your car's structural integrity, so being proactive is important to the longevity and safety of your windshield glass.