4 Benefits Of Installing Spray On Liners In Trucks

Posted on: 15 December 2015

If you own a truck, you may want to consider installing a spray on liner over the bed. There are several benefit to choosing this type of liner over other options, like carpet or drop-in liners. You can even install them on your own if you want to save money and have the skills to do it yourself. This guide goes over some of the benefits to owning a spray on liner.


One of the main benefits of installing a spray on liner is that they can fit on any truck bed. Other types of liners like carpet liners are only made for certain truck models. If you own a truck that was manufactured many years ago, it may be difficult for any other liner but a spray on liner to fit on the vehicle.


Spray on liners have a lower maintenance when compared to other types of liners. They are less susceptible to damage caused by normal wear and tear on the bed of the truck. The amount of damage they do receive can be easily fixed in most cases. Dirt can get underneath other type of liners, but this is not a problem with the spray on ones which reduces the amount of damage.


There are several options when it comes to the design of the spray on liner. Some people decide to match the color to the truck, while others want a more neutral color like black or brown. You can talk with the company that is installing the spray on liner to find the perfect shade that suit your needs.


Spray on liners are typically more secure than carpet or drop in liners, which can start to shift after a while. The shifting caused by the liners can scratch the bed of the truck and lead to severe cosmetic damage that can be costly to fix. Dirt can also accumulate underneath the liners once they start to shift which can also cause damage to the liners and the truck. Spray on liners stay securely in place and don't shift. In addition, the loads inside the bed on the truck sit more securely. The spray on liners also do not crack or chip like drop in liners or carpet liners will, so you won't have broken chunks of liner in the back of your truck. The amount of vibration and noise is also drastically lower when compared to drop ins.

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