Seemingly Harmless Things Car Owners Do That Can Result In Auto Repairs Being Needed

Posted on: 24 November 2015

If you are a person who exhibits certain driving habits or if you choose to handle maintenance issues when you have time rather than at the recommended intervals, you could be placing yourself at risk for needing to have extensive auto repairs performed. Some people are shocked when their cars break down as a result of their nonchalant actions. The following are examples of driving habits and car maintenance choices that may result in you experiencing premature mechanical breakdowns. 

Driving Until Low on Gas

Sediment from gas may settle at the bottom of gas tanks. If you choose to allow your car to run low on fuel, the sediment at the bottom of the tank may travel to your fuel line during the fuel exchange process. Continuously making the decision to drive your vehicle when it is low on fuel will result in sediment building up in the fuel line. Eventually, the sediment may make its way to your engine if you do not change your gas refill habits. Sediment can cause your engine to break down, and the process of clearing the debris from the engine may be costly and time-consuming. Extensive damages might result in you needing a new or rebuilt engine. 

Make it a point to refill your vehicle when it reaches half a tank of fuel. If you must continue to drive it beyond this point, make a personal rule to never allow the fuel gauge to go below 1/4 of a tank. 

Servicing by Amateurs

Anytime you allow a person who is not licensed to perform maintenance on your vehicle, you are placing your vehicle at risk for mechanical breakdown. Even if it is a simple objective such as an oil change, there is a risk for error, which can end up costing you more in the long run. If there are portions of your vehicle that are still under warranty, you could also void your warranty by making this type of decision. 

Erratic Driving Behaviors

Examples of erratic driving behaviors are driving too fast, hitting potholes or driving without having tires inflated at the correct pressure. These driving habits may result in fluid leaks. They can also cause important components of your vehicle to deteriorate prematurely. For example, accelerating and hitting potholes could negatively impact your vehicle's suspension and brake systems.

By choosing to change some of these habits, you may end up extending the life of your vehicle. If you have practiced any of these behaviors for an extended amount of time, it is a good idea to use an auto repair shop (such as Monroe Transmissions) as a resource. They can inspect your vehicle and determine whether it is showing signs of damage that are related to the choices you have been making.