Moving Your Small Business Across The Country

Posted on: 22 August 2015

If you are going to be moving your small business from one area of the United States to another, there are several aspects you will need to deal with to ensure your move is done smoothly so you can start-up your company quickly and efficiently when you arrive at your new location. Moving your items across country needs to be planned out in advance to minimize the chance of your items breaking or getting lost along the way. Here are some tips to use when moving your small business several miles from its current location.

Safeguard Electronics

Before you package your computers and laptops for a move, it is important to do a data backup of each so you can still run your business as usual even if your electronics don't make it there in time or intact. To reduce the risk of breakage, electronics should be wrapped with bubble wrap and placed in separate boxes for the ride. It is a good idea to split up your electronics into two separate vehicles if possible. This way, if one vehicle has a mishap where your electronics are altered, you will still have half of the bulk in working condition when it arrives at your destination.

Take Care With Records

Paperwork that needs to be brought to your new facility should be locked into file cabinets so records do not arrive in disarray. If you have space within a cabinet, fill the empty spot with an empty cardboard box so files do not shift around inside the drawer while it is being moved. Placing file folders and important paperwork into plastic storage containers can also be a means of storage, but you will want to tape the lids onto the enclosures to help keep papers from spilling out inside the moving truck. Make sure to label each container appropriately so you will be able to find your important papers upon your arrival.

Move Equipment With Ease

To move large pieces of equipment, it is best to hire a hauling service. They will strap each piece onto a truck and make sure it has a proper covering over it to protect it from the elements as it is transported. An equipment hauler will drive your equipment using safe roadways free of construction to avoid debris getting on your items. They will plot out a driving route in advance so you will know which roads your equipment will be travelling upon. You will be able to track the progress of the move via GPS so you know when your items will be arriving. Contact a company like Santa Fe Tow Service for more information.