Three Tools That Your Vehicle Repair Toolbox Needs

Posted on: 4 July 2015

If you are looking to handle any sort of vehicle repairs or do it yourself projects, it pays to have the absolute best tools for the job. Every person who tinkers and fixes things needs a reliable toolbox, so that they can make repairs whenever necessary. However, if you are just starting to put together your toolbox, you'll need to know of some staples to get you started. For that, consider the follow three must-have tools for your toolbox, so that you are able to handle any automotive project that you come across. 

Tool #1: A Solid Claw Hammer

When you go up under the hood of a vehicle, there are a lot of moving components that may need some blunt force. For instance, you may need to dislodge a tube that has been unscrewed, but needs an extra bit of force to remove. Further, since the hammer has a claw end, you will be able to pull off things like battery cables and plastic caps that may have become stuck due to constant use. For best results, get a hammer with a bit of weight -- at least 16 ounces. 

Tool #2: An Adjustable Wrench

Since space in your toolbox is a premium, you owe it to yourself to consolidate tools whenever possible. In no other situation is this beneficial than the adjustable wrench. An adjustable wrench allows you to do away with an entire wrench set, and instead, tighten and loosen one, so that you can get rid of any bolts, nuts or other pieces that are fastening parts into place. Adjustable wrenches allow for much tighter connections, so that you won't have to hurt or overextend yourself when trying to manipulate different pieces. 

Tool #3: A Quality Tape Measure

The better the tape measure you own, the better you'll be able to work with precision and clarity. You'll need a quality tape measure that is flexible enough to bend around obstacles, but sturdy enough to sit still for precise measurements. The slightest wrong measurement can ruin an installation and cause your entire project to suffer. Because of that, invest in a great tape measure with different increments of measurement, and make sure that they are clearly laid out, with big type and clear lines, to avoid unnecessary mistakes. 

As long as you stock your toolbox with these three tools, you'll be off to a great start for any project that you have. For more information, contact a company like Service Van Equipment & RV Specialists.