Make Your Plans For A Great Family Road Trip

Posted on: 3 June 2015

Doesn't it seem like it was just yesterday that you were wrapping Christmas presents and getting ready for a New Year's Eve celebration? And, now, school is almost over and you've got the great summer months ahead of you. What fun! If you are planning a road trip, here are some ideas that will make it a wonderful and memorable one.

Have A Family Meeting - Part of the fun of having an adventure is the anticipation. Including your children in planning your road trip not only adds to the fun, but it also teaches them team skills. Consider having teams that will be responsible for certain aspects of the trip. For example, one team could study out the map and find out what historical sights and other points of interest there are along the way. Another team could do some research to find out which restaurants are recommended in different towns you'll be driving through. 

Take Extras - It's obvious that you'll be taking personal items, but these extras will help, too.

  • Be sure to pack a first aid kit, flashlights, umbrellas and even a portable potty, if you will be traveling with very little children. Bring things like duct tape, jumper cables, multi-purpose tools and garbage bags. Don't forget change for toll roads.
  • If your car doesn't already have equipment for movies, consider buying or borrowing one. 
  • Even if your car is already equipped with a GPS, consider having a paper map that the kids can follow along the way. Part of the adventure will be the anticipation of finding out which town is your next stop.
  • Bring car-friendly activities. Your children probably won't need to be reminded to bring their hand-held computer games. Snacks are super important!

Get Your Car Ready - There's nothing that will put a damper on your trip than having car problems along the way. About two weeks before the trip, consider taking your car to a reputable mechanic. This will allow you enough time for repairs to be made, if that is necessary.

  • Are your tires in good shape? If you will be driving in rough terrain, make sure that your tires will handle that rough ride.
  • Does your air conditioner work properly? 
  • All of the lights and the windshield wipers will be checked, as will air filters.
  • Your car depends on liquids, including brake fluid, power steering fluid and radiator coolant. An oil check is really important, too. A mechanic at a place like Bill Smith's Auto will check to see if the oil needs to be flushed and completely changed. Consider using a synthetic blend or a full synthetic oil. Either will give excellent cleaning power. Synthetic oils also provide great fuel economy and important protection in extreme temperatures.

Have a wonderful time on your family road trip!