Tips For Complication-Free Car Rental

Posted on: 9 March 2015

Renting your own car is a great way to get around while traveling, when you can't trust your car or you have to fly and will land without transportation. You can get a clean reliable car that is ready to go, instead of waiting for a taxi cab or shuttle that will be crowded.

Most companies allow you to book online, so you can pick your size and the model easily in advance. There are a few things you'll want to remember the next time you have to rent a car so you avoid complications, and stay healthy while you travel.

Inquire About Insurance Early

Many people are unaware that they may have rental car insurance already, because it comes with a credit card they have. You want to call your credit card companies and ask them in advance before you pick up the car, so you don't double pay for it when you rent the car.

Your auto insurance company may also have you covered in a rental car, depending on your policy. If you don't have it, it's wise to get it, just in case anything was to happen while you're behind the wheel.

Take Pictures

The rental car company has you fill out a form about the condition of the car when you sign the contract to rent it. Make sure that you take pictures of anything major that you notice, like a scratch, in case the description in your contract wasn't clear enough. You'll also want to take a picture of the gas meter, so they don't try to charge you for gas after you return the car, saying you didn't fill it back up where it was.

Protect Your Luggage

Most people are going to put their luggage in the trunk of the car, so put yours in the back seat to avoid possible exposure to bed bugs. These bugs can live without human interaction for months, and like to travel in luggage from place to place. You should even pack a bag to put your luggage in, or use a vinyl type suitcase to avoid having the bugs climb into the fabric to hide while you travel.

Renting a car has become incredibly easy to do, and you want to make sure that you are prepared before you get behind the wheel. Follow these tips and have a complication free trip. (For more information, contact Xpress Auto Rental Inc or another company)