RV Accessories for Safety And Comfort

Posted on: 11 February 2015

If you own an RV, or are looking to buy one, then you need to consider what accessories you want. An RV is more than a car; it is your home on the road. As such, you should make it as safe and comfortable as possible.

There are endless modifications and accessories you can choose for your RV. Below are some of the basic ones that will suit you no matter what type of trip you're going on.

GPS Units

This one is absolutely essential. Many modern RVs already have GPS installed. Even so, you might want to upgrade the unit if the RV manufacture installed an off-brand model.

If you are buying an older model, then you will probably have to install one. Again, it makes sense to go with a highly reviewed model because you will be using it so much. If you will be traveling on roads you've never traveled on before, you will want to make sure you will get accurate data.


If you're planning on spending time at a campsite, this is an absolute must. An awning allows you and your family to relax outside of the RV and not be bothered by the sun.

Many RVs already come with an awning. However, you might want to replace the current awning for a larger one, a nicer looking one, or one that's in better shape. You'll probably find them through suppliers such as Arrow Trailer Supplies.

Outdoor BBQ

You will probably want to get out of the galley kitchen every chance you get. At many campsites there will be a public BBQ section, but some will not have these public cooking stations.

That's why it's a good idea to have a small BBQ setup; something that you can easily take out of your rig and set up without too much hassle. Some people like propane setups because they are cleaner to run and you don't have to deal with disposing of charcoal ash. The drawback to a propane grill is that you will need to carry a propane tank in your RV.

If you're planning on cooking on the grill often, then it would be worth it to figure out how to store the propane tanks. If, on the other hand, you're only going to grill occasionally, then a charcoal grill is a better idea. All campsites will have areas where you can throw out the old charcoal, and you can clean the empty grill with water from your rigs hose and a brush.

Solar Power Device For Small Electronics

Another excellent accessory is a standalone solar power unit that is capable of charging cell phones, GPS units, cameras, and other small electronic devices. These are very affordable and they don't require any modification to your RV. You can place them outside on a small picnic table.

They will soak up the sun and then you can plug your cell phones and other devices into them with a USB connecter. and recharge them. This is great for when you're parked and don't want to run your engine to charge your electronics.