How To Replace Fuel Injectors

Posted on: 6 February 2015

Most modern cars use the fuel injection system, which allows fuel to be admitted into your internal combustion engine. Among the different components of the system, the fuel injectors are some of the most important. They are considered the last stop of the system, as it is similar to a gate that opens enough for the proper amount of fuel to go to the engine. If you need to replace your fuel injectors, the trick is knowing how to disassemble it. Once you can do that, you simply reverse the directions to put in new ones. Here is how to do that.

Disconnect the Fuel Rail

The first thing you need to do is disconnect the fuel rail. Not all fuel injection systems have this, but many do. The fuel rail helps to deliver fuel from its source to the fuel injectors, so it must be removed before you can take out the fuel injector itself. To disconnect the fuel rail, you first need to disconnect the fuel line, which you can find at the end of the rail. If there is another fuel line at the other end, make sure to also disconnect that one. Look to see if the fuel rail has bolts or screws, and use the right tool for removing them.

Now look at the top of the rail. Do you see wiring that is going over the top? If so, you must disconnect the wires before you can fully remove the fuel rail. Once they are disconnected, pull them away from the rail. You should now be able to use just a little bit of strength to pull out the fuel rail.

Disconnect the Injectors

Now that the fuel rail is no longer blocking your path, you can remove the injectors. When you locate the fuel injectors, you will notice that near the top, they each have a plug. This plug is connecting the injectors to a wiring harness. They are also held in place by wire that has a spring to it. You need to remove this wire first by using a flat-head screwdriver. You can insert the flat-head into the space between the plug and the spring, carefully prying it from its position. You will need this wire when attaching new injectors, so don't lose it. This will be easy to do and is all that is needed to disconnect the injectors.

Pull Out the Fuel Injectors

Now that you have disconnected the injectors, you will be able to pull them out. Since they are located near your engine, don't just try to yank it out. You don't want to cause more trouble, or have small pieces falling in that you may never find again. Instead, see if you can get a fuel injector puller at your local auto supply store. This allows you to remove the injectors easily without causing any damage. To use the puller, you just slide it underneath the housing of the injector and pop it out, then repeat for the other one.

Once the injectors are out, you will see the empty space where you simply insert the new one. Now all you do is repeat this, but in reverse, and you will have new fuel sr20det injectors installed.