Road Trip Tips For Travelers On A Budget

Posted on: 30 January 2015

You want to take a road trip with your buddies this summer, but everyone's on a tight budget. No problem. You can save lots of cash by making small substitutions or opting for alternatives. Here are some road trip tips that will get you where you need to go on very little money.

1. Be smart

Instead of paying $70 or more annually for a popular roadside assistance service, use your smartphone to be smart. Program in numbers you may need if your vehicle breaks down. You should have the numbers of local towing services in the cities where you'll be traveling, as well as auto mechanic shops that provide 24-hour service. Also, download an app that will tell you where the nearest gas station is according to your location so you never have to run out of fuel again.

2. Learn to change a tire

Instead of hiring a company to help you if you get a flat tire, learn how to change a tire yourself. The process is straightforward, and all you need are the skills, the right tools, and a tire or a temporary tire. To learn, you can ask a parent to teach you, get instructions online, or attend a car maintenance course through a local online learning program in your area at places like Martinez Towing.

3. Sign up for fuel rewards

Instead of paying full price for fuel, sign up with a fuel rewards program. A fuel rewards program in various forms usually allows you to earn points by spending. The points then get converted to money off the price per gallon at designated gas stations. It's not like you have to buy flat screen televisions to earn points. With many programs, you can earn points by buying groceries, office supplies or other commonly used items. To find loyalty reward programs, ask at local supermarkets and at your city's Chamber of Commerce.

4. Pack a lunch

Instead of paying top dollar for fast food on the road that lacks good nutritive value, pack a cooler. You can save a lot of money by shopping ahead of time at a grocery store and buying raw ingredients to make food that's healthy, delicious and easy to eat on-the-go. Ideas include sandwiches, cheese and crackers, homemade trail mix and fresh fruit.

When you save money on these necessities, you'll have more to spend on the fun things you'll want to enjoy that can't be bargained for, like admission fees and souvenirs. You may even have enough left over to buy and mail a few postcards to make your friends back home jealous!