Brake Lights Not Working? Check These Two Things First

Posted on: 29 April 2015

It is not safe to drive around without brake lights. Brake lights keep you and the drivers on the road with you safe. Plus, in most states, you will get a ticket if a police officer spots you driving around without working brake lights. 1. Check The Light Bulbs Themselves The easiest thing to check out is your actual brake lights. Depending on how your vehicle is set up, you may need to get out a screwdriver and remove the lens that is covering up your brake lights in order to check the bulbs.
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What A Service Campaign Means For Your Car

Posted on: 10 April 2015

In recent years, especially with German car manufacturers, many companies have begun issuing notices of service campaigns as opposed to waiting for a government to issue a recall in order to fix a consistent issue with a particular model. The difference between a recall and a service campaign is fairly slight, but have fairly large repercussions to the owners of affected vehicles. Here is what happens if a service campaign is announced for your car.
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Diagnose A Bad Fuel Pump Relay & Steps To Replace It

Posted on: 26 March 2015

The fuel pump relay is there to make sure your car has enough power to satisfy your fuel needs. The fuel pump relay does this by keeping a specific voltage, but this can fail. The following are signs that you have a bad fuel pump relay and a guide to replace it yourself. Signs of A Bad Fuel Pump Relay Symptoms to look out for: Engine that cranks and sounds like it is going to start, but does not Loss of power as your driving Engine starts, but stops shortly after Your car dies on you as if you don't have gasoline No sound from your fuel pump, which is located in the back of your car.
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Tips For Complication-Free Car Rental

Posted on: 9 March 2015

Renting your own car is a great way to get around while traveling, when you can't trust your car or you have to fly and will land without transportation. You can get a clean reliable car that is ready to go, instead of waiting for a taxi cab or shuttle that will be crowded. Most companies allow you to book online, so you can pick your size and the model easily in advance.
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